Welcome to Happier Pony Equine Massage, LLC

Cat Needham, Certified ESMT (Equissage)

Hi! I’m Cat, and I love to make ponies happier! I truly believe that massage is a fantastic way to supplement good horse care. Equine massage is excellent for performance as well as overall well-being, and whether your horse is a finely-tuned athlete, a weekend warrior, or a steady Eddie who occasionally meanders slowly down a trail, all can benefit! Massage is an often overlooked component of aiding horses with:
-Mobility issues
-Behavioral changes
-Stress from forced stall rest

We aren’t vets, so we don’t diagnose medical matters, but Equine Massage is a proven methodology for helping most horses improve their bodies and minds. 


I have always had an affinity and love for all animals, and I’ve had almost a sixth sense of where they are experiencing pain. I’ve been “in horses” for 50 years, and like all of you, I have been horse-crazy since I was a toddler. From learning to post on my Aunt’s show Arabian to leasing a feisty Appaloosa, to finally owning my dream unicorn in the form of my sweet, trusty American Quarter Horse, Rolo, I have always had horses in my life. And since they have given my life such richness, I wanted to do something to give back to them.

Horses can’t talk. But they let us know in many ways that they are sore or tense. Equine massage is a way to bridge the communication gap between them and us, and most importantly-  make them feel better! 

About Me

Some of my best friends never say a word to me.


To schedule a Happier Pony massage, please contact me! 

My rates are $65/hour for Fairfax, Loudoun, and Prince William Counties. I will travel outside these areas if needed, and my hourly rate will vary, depending on distance. 

(703) 593-8797

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